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Advising Basics

Scheduling An Appointment

For on-campus advising, sign up in the appointment book in the department office, SCI 394 or give us a call at 415.405.3564.


Cancelling An Appointment:

Because of the great need for advising, the CAD department is reinforcing its policies on advising.  Please notify the office 24 hours in advance when cancelling your appointment. 


Keeping advising appointments:

Students are responsible for contacting the office if they will be late for or cannot keep their advising appointments. Contact information: ( or 415 405-3561). 

Please be aware that we put a note in your file when you fail to show up for an advising appointment.


Making multiple appointments:
Please do not sign up for multiple advising appointments. We will cancel all the appointments of students who do.


Length of Advising Appointment

Each appointment is 20 minutes long.  Be sure to arrive 5 minutes early and pick up your advising folder in the main office, SCI 394.  If you are late, your appointment will be shortened to the time that remains of your 20 minutes, or you may have to reschedule another appointment.


Which Advisor Should I See

The CAD department does not assign students to a specific advisor.  You may sign up for an advisor whose schedule matches your availability or an advisor who specializes in your concentration.


How Often Should I See An Advisor

We recommend once a semester to ensure steady progress through the major.


When Is The Best Time To See An Advisor

Any time you need guidance regarding courses in the major, your progress in the major, your grades, your career plans, or graduate school.  The easiest time to get an appointment is during the middle of the semester.  The busiest times (and therefore the most difficult to get an appointment) are at the beginning and end of the semester after the new schedule of classes has come out.


What Should I Bring To My Appointment

  • Current Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) – You can print it out ahead of time or it can be accessed during your advising appointment.
  • Unofficial transcripts of credit you have received from another institution, if not on your DARS. Examples are college courses, AP credits, military credit.
  • Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE) if you have one.   The ASE is generated when a student has attended a non-DARS compatible institution. You can get a copy of your ASE at the Registrar's office; it is not available on line.
  • List of questions
  • Paper and pen for note taking, or print out an advising worksheet (for both core and concentration for your Bulletin year)


Can I Substitute Courses in the Major

You may petition for a course substitution by filling out a Course Substitution form.  (Click for the Course Substitution form.)  Be sure to fill out the form completely and attach requested documents or your petition will not be reviewed and/or signed by the department chair.

click here for Verification of Completion of Course Prerequisites form



Click on each link for each CAD concentration advising worksheets since the academic year of 2006 - 2007. Students should select their bulletin year for the CAD major, which is located on their DARS.

2014 - 2015

2013 – 2014

2012 – 2013

2011 – 2012


Child Development Permit Matrix

Click here to access information about the Permit Matrix on the Child development Training Consortium website.

Click on each link for each Child Development Permit Matrix.


Teaching Credential

Click on the link for more information:


Transfer Orientation PPT

Click here for the powerpoint presentation:  /cad/cad/files/Transfer%20Orientation%201-%20Sp2014.ppt