CAD Internship Requirement

The internship is a culminating academic experience that is required for all CAD majors and is taken in the final semester before graduation. In other words, you must be a senior in your last semester.  If university records show you are not a senior, you are not eligible for internship, regardless of the number of units you have comleted in the major. 

The internship includes a seminar and field work and is 3-4 units, depending upon the concentration. The seminar and field work must be taken concurrently. Students must apply for the internship one semester prior to their desired internship semester. Departmental approval of the application is required before a student can be placed at an internship site. Please note that all Early Childhood CAD majors must complete their internships on campus at either the ASI Early Childhood Education Center or the Children's Campus.  All internships must be related to a student's concentration in the CAD major.

NO Late Applications Are Accepted - No applications are accepted after the deadline, which includes both a date and time deadline. Applications must be date and time-stamped by a CAD department staff. Applications put underneath the department office door or any faculty office door before, during, or after the deadline are not accepted.

Application Process

  1. One semester before the intended internship, deadline dates and the application form are put on the CAD website. Students completely fill out the Internship Application form and submit it to the CAD Department Office.  It should be dated and time stamped by a CAD staff person or it will not be reviewed.
  2. Students receive a confirmation email message that their application was received. This message is sent from the CAD Department Office to students' SFSU email address. Students who do not receive this email message within that time frame should contact the CAD office to determine the status of their applications. It is the student's responsibility to check on the status of her/his application.
  3. After the application deadline, the Internship Coordinator reviews the applications for completion and accuracy. Incomplete applications are returned to the student and may jeopardize the student's placement in the intended semester.  Applications then are approved or denied in consultation with a faculty committee.
  4. Students receive email notification that the internship application has been approved within one week of the submission deadline. Again, this message is sent to the student's SFSU email address. These students receive information about a MANDATORY Internship Orientation. Please note: The internship process stops here for students who cannot or do not attend the orientation and they must submit an application for the following semester.
  5. Students whose internship applications are not approved will have to reapply for the following semester by submitting a new application. This notification will be sent to the student's SFSU email address.

Mandatory Internship Orientation

Attendance at the Internship Orientation is required. If a student cannot attend the orientation, the internship process stops and the student must apply for internship the following semester. The orientation covers information about the placement process, expectations, and deadlines.

The Fall 2015 Internship Orientation for School Age, Youth Work and Policy concentrations is scheduled for Friday, MARCH 13, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in LIB 244.  The Internship Orientation for the Early Chilhood concentration will be announced by email during the Spring 2015 semester.

Placement Process for Approved Internships

  1. Students whose applications are approved and who attend the mandatory orientation can move forward to the placement process.
  2. Students work with the Internship Coordinator and are expected to meet all requests for information and all deadlines. Missing deadlines, being continually late with requested information, and not responding to the Internship Coordinator's email messages in a timely manner can jeopardize a student's internship placement. The student may be dropped from the placement process at that time and will have to reapply for internship in the following semester.

Internship Resources

Application for Fall 2015 Now Available (Bulletin Year 2011-12 and newer)

The application for Fall 2015 internships is now available and can be downloaded from the internship link. The due date for completed applications is Monday, February 9, 2015, 4 p.m. Please note, there is now a 2 week window when you may drop off your application at the CAD department office. Those dates are: Monday, January 26, 2015 from 9 a.m. through Monday, February 9, 2015, 4 p.m. Applications will not be accepted before or after those times/dates. No exceptions.

For Bulletin Years 2010-2011 or older
For students whose major Bulletin Year is 2010-2011 or older,please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Nadine Agosta, for an application and requirements.

These Course Requirements Must Be Met Prior To Internship:

Majors with CAD Major Bulletin 2011-12 and Newer

  • A grade of C or better must be earned in all courses that make up 30 units in the major required prior to internship
  • The Foundations courses must be completed prior to start of internship: CAD 210, CAD 260 (or community college equivalent) and CAD 410
  • CAD 215 must be completed by EC interns
  • Please read and follow directions on application. An incomplete application will be denied and returned and the student will have to reapply for the following semester.

Course Requirements For Internship

  • Students must take the internship seminar and field work experience courses concurrently.
  • All EC concentration students from any Bulletin year will take CAD 610 Internship Seminar (1 unit) and CAD 611 Internship (2 units). The work requirement for CAD 611 internship is 150 hours.
  • Students in all other concentrations will take CAD 600 Internship Seminar (2 units) and CAD 601 Internship (2 units). The work requirement for CAD 601 internship is 120 hours.
  • EC students are required to document 150 hours of work experience prior to internship. If an EC major does not complete these hours prior to the start of internship, the internship will be cancelled. This signed documentation can be turned in to the CAD Department office. The criteria and instructions for this documentation is described in detail on page 4 of the internship application.

Work Hours During Internship

  • Students are required to work approximately 10 hours a week at an approved internship site throughout the semester, for a total of 120/150 hours.
  • These hours must be spread across at least 12 weeks of the semester rather than being completed in a condensed time frame.
  • Along with the internship itself, students are required to attend a weekly seminar which has assignments and readings.

General Information on Code of Conduct

A CAD intern represents SFSU, the CAD Department, and one's current/future profession. During the placement process as well as throughout the internship, students are expected to display professional behavior at all times. The Code of Conduct, which is posted here, defines the department’s expectations of interns. Students are required to sign this Code of Conduct in order to embark on their internship. Each intern will receive a copy to sign during the CAD 600 or CAD 610 internship seminar.

  • Start enacting the Code of Conduct now. During the internship placement process, from completing the application to attending the mandatory Internship Orientation, students are expected to meet all deadlines and requests for information and attend all orientations or meetings – on time and for the entire time.
  • During internship, the same compliance with the Code of Conduct will be expected. Non-compliance (e.g. missing seminar sessions, coming late or leaving early from seminar or internship site) can result in the terminating an internship (and reapplying the following semester), repeating certain portions of the internship, or putting the internship on “probation” (usually at the request of the host agency)
  • Once an internship has been agreed to verbally by the intern and the agency, and/or the contract has been signed,
    you cannot change your internship site.  You must honor your verbal and/or written commitment to the agency.