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How would i know if PATH is a good choice for me?

•    Are you transfer eligible and planning to apply to SFSU to attain a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Adolescent Development (CAD)?
•    Would you like to attend school in the evenings and weekends?
•    Are you a current member of the ECE workforce or seeking to gain more experience?
•    Would you like the flexibility to work and still make progress towards your degree?
If you answered yes to the above questions PATH may be for you!

How long will it take me to graduate in PATH?

If you are a full time student, PATH takes approximately 2 years to graduate. This is the typical time it takes a junior in the CAD major to graduate.

What does guaranteed classes mean?

Joining the PATH program gives you access to sections of classes in the CAD major.

Who teaches the PATH weekend and night classes?

PATH faculty are SFSU faculty who teach CAD, EED and SPED major classes. Many of the faculty have experience in the field as educators, administrators and researchers.


Is PATH part of SFSU? Will I get a SFSU BA degree?

Yes, PATH is a special program in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development. Students in PATH are CAD major and will receive their BA degrees from SFSU just like non-PATH CAD majors.


Are the guaranteed classes enough to grant me full time status?

Yes, we offer four classes each semester in the major that equals 12 units a semester.

I've already taken 1 or 2 of the classes listed on the structured path. Does that make me ineligible to join the PATH program?

Taking 1 or 2 classes on the structured PATH does not make you ineligible for the PATH program. You can still join. You will still participate in a majority of the CAD classes with PATH. For the 1 or 2 classes you have taken already, PATH will help you determine an alternative class.


How do I apply?

Step 1:   In order to be considered for PATH, students must apply to SFSU and the Child and Adolescent Major with an Early Childhood Emphasis.  Students should follow the CSU Mentor Deadlines and be sure to apply by the fall deadline.

Step 2:   Attend one of our orientation sessions.  Current orientation sessions are scheduled for:  Wednesday, March 4th 6-8 pm in Library Room 224 or
Thursday, March 12th 6-8 pm in Library 242
Please RSVP to path@sfsu.edu if you are interested in attending.

Step 3:   In the spring, students must fill out an application to the PATH program.  Applications are available on-line using the following link: http://www.tfaforms.com/276170

Step 4:   Upon applying to the PATH program, all transfer students will be asked to meet with our academic counselor to review transcripts and PATH eligibility.