General Information

The internship is a culminating academic experience that is required for all CAD majors during their final semester before graduation. In other words, you must be a senior in your last semester as an undergraduate at SF State.  The internship includes a seminar, CAD 600 (1 unit), and field work, CAD 601 (2 units). The seminar and fieldwork must be taken concurrently in the fall or spring semesters.

Students must apply for the internship one semester prior to their desired internship semester. Departmental approval of the application is required before a student can be placed at an internship site.

A CAD intern represents SF State, the CAD Department, and one's current/future profession. During the placement process as well as throughout the internship, students are expected to display professional behavior at all times. The Code of Conduct defines the department’s expectations of interns. Students are required to sign this Code of Conduct in order to embark on their internship. Each intern will receive a copy to sign during the CAD 600 internship seminar.




All Early Childhood CAD majors must complete their internships on campus at either AS Early Childhood Education Center or Children's Campus. 
SA, YWOST, and PAS students are not allowed to conduct their internship at their place of work. Students will receive more information at the mandatory orientation on how to secure their own placement. All internships must be related to a student's concentration in the CAD major and are voluntary (not paid).


School Age Child & Family and Youth Work & Out of School Time students are required to voluntarily work approximately 8-10 hours a week at an approved internship site throughout the semester, for a total of 120 hours.
Early Childhood students are required to voluntarily work approximately 10 hours a week at an approved internship site throughout the semester, for a total of 150 hours.



  1. One semester before your intended internship, check the CAD website for specific deadlines and directions for applying for the internship.
  2. Complete the following course and internship prerequisites prior to the start of your internship:
    1. At least 30 units in the major with C or better grades
    2. The major foundation courses:
      1. CAD 210
      2. CAD 260
      3. CAD 410
      4. CAD 215 or CAD 230 *CAD Early Childhood students only*
    3. 150 hours at a licensed childcare center *CAD Early Childhood students only* (instructions listed on the Forms webpage)
  3. Complete the CAD internship application and turn in by the stated deadlines.
  4. Receive approval of your internship application from the Department.
  5. Attend a mandatory internship orientation.
  6. Find and inform CAD of your placement site. *CAD Early Childhood students will receive placement at either AS Early Childhood Education Center or Children’s Campus. *
  7. Enroll in CAD 600 and CAD 601.
  8. Complete and turn in your Internship Contract.
  9. Complete the Code of Conduct document.
  10. Begin your internship!



Students who are planning to take their internship during the Spring 2019 semester must complete and turn in the Child & Adolescent Development Internship Application by Friday, September 7th at 4 P.M.

Step 1. Please download and complete the CAD Internship Application.

Step 2. Email your completed application to by Friday, September 7th at 4 P.M.

Step 3. Applicant will receive a confirmation email that the Department received your application.

Step 4. Applicants will receive an email to their SF State email address from to notify them of acceptance/denial of their application. The email will also include next steps for how the applicant will proceed in obtaining an approved internship for Spring 2019.



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