Dr. Linda M. Platas

Linda M. Platas

( She/Her/Hers )
Associate Professor and Chair
Faculty Advisor
Phone: (415) 405-3564
Email: lplatas@sfsu.edu

Dr. Platas’ primary areas of research are child development, early childhood education, early math and literacy development, professional development and teacher education, and the formation and implementation of early childhood public policy. Her experience includes 14 years working directly with children and families as a teacher and director of an early childhood program. Dr. Platas has worked with ministries of education in low-resource countries on school readiness, curriculum development, early math and literacy assessments, and classroom quality measurement. She serves as an expert in international meetings on early mathematics and literacy development for UNESCO, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and other non-governmental organizations. She is a member of the Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) Network.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Education (Cognition and Development), University of California, Berkeley

M.A. Education (Cognition and Development), University of California, Berkeley

B.A. Child and Adolescent Development: Research and Public Policy, San Francisco State University

Certificate in Early Childhood Education Cañada College


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