Instructional Aide & Research Opportunities

Instructional Aide

SF State students can request to become Instructional Aides for Child & Adolescent Development (CAD) instructors who are teaching CAD courses.


  • Earn 1-4 units of CAD 685 units (CAD 685 may be repeated for a total of 6 units)
  • Receive training in teaching and learning principles
  • Participate in teaching-related activities
  • Increase knowledge of course topics and understanding of teaching and learning

  • Grade of B+ or higher in the course that the student will be assisting in
  • Permission of the instructor
  • Approved CAD Instructional Aide Request Form
CAD 685 Required Hours Per Unit for the Semester
Unit(s) CAD 685 Hours Instructional Aide Hours TOTAL HOURS
1 unit 15 hours 30 hours 45 hours
2 units 15 hours 75 hours 90 hours
3 units 15 hours 120 hours 135 hours
4 units 15 hours 165 hours 180 hours


Instructional Aides have two main responsibilities:

  1. Supporting the course for which they are an Instructional Aide
  2. Participating in the CAD 685 course by meeting regularly with the CAD 685 instructor and other Instructional Aides for training and professional development. Instructional Aides will be added to a CAD 685 Canvas page that includes course requirements.


Instructional Aides and Instructor/Supervisors must adhere to SF State Undergraduate Student Instruction Policy.  All students working in any undergraduate classroom must participate in the set of trainings defined as mandatory for CSU employees. Undergraduate students assisting in a classroom as an instructional aide should receive training on the specific tasks to be performed.


Instructional Aides may not:

  • Be enrolled concurrently in the class in which they are an aide
  • Design the course syllabus or learning objectives
  • Grade non-objective tests or papers
  • Write exams
  • Have access to student records, including addresses, phone numbers, University ID numbers, or grades


Instructional Aides may assist with:

  • Maintaining attendance records
  • Leading class discussions
  • Giving presentations
  • Holding peer office hours (not in lieu of the required number of office hours of Faculty Members)
  • Taking notes in class
  • Technological support
  • Preliminary evaluations of objective student work (faculty are responsible for final evaluations of student assignments and issuance of grades)


The faculty of record, who are employees of the university, must remain at all times in charge of the regular instructional-related classroom. The faculty of record is responsible for the preparation of the syllabus and the learning objectives for the class in which the Instructional Aide is assisting, is ultimately responsible for the classroom, and for achieving the student learning goals of the course, and for being present whenever the regular Instructional Aide is assisting.

Step 1

Receive permission from an instructor to become their Instructional Aide (IA) through one of the following methods:

  • Students can communicate directly with a faculty member to express their interest in becoming the faculty’s IA
  • Students have the opportunity each semester to fill out the CAD Instructional Aide Interest Form if they are interested in being an IA for a CAD course. If a student indicates they are interested in being an IA for a specific course or instructor, the CAD Department will check their eligibility and then notify the instructor to ask them if they are interested in having the student as their IA.   
  • Faculty may reach out to students to inquire if they are interested in becoming an IA. Faculty can have more than one IA


Step 2

After you receive permission from the instructor, complete the CAD Instructional Aide Request Form.


Step 3

After your CAD Instructional Aide Request Form is approved, you will receive a permission number for CAD 685. Enroll in CAD 685 for the number of units you were approved for (e.g., 1-4 units).

Student Research Opportunities

SF State students can conduct research under the supervision of Child & Adolescent Development (CAD) faculty. Undergraduate students can earn CAD 699 - Independent Study units.